Some people think because Wayne is so well known that they can’t afford his artwork. That is simply not true! Wayne paints to fit the customer’s budget, so contact him because you can afford the best!

While Wayne does have a general idea of what he’s going to portray on a project as he starts airbrushing, he admits that he adjusts as he goes along. He said that while it’s a process, “other ideas come up” as he’s working on a project, and “the creativity happens as you go.” You can see examples of that spontaneous creativity when you look at the artwork displayed on this site.

About Wayne Fuller

Wayne Fuller, Wanatah Indiana native, has continued to invent, create, and elevate an industry that he calls home. Wayne's ability and creative talent will turn your project into reality.

Fuller Airbrush can transform any client’s vision into striking realities one airbrush stroke at a time. Fuller specializes in photo-realistic portraits, hand-painted vehicle, graphics, motorcycle murals, leather jackets, family portraits, and everything in between.

Fuller Airbrush is located in Wanatah Indiana, and is available to discuss your custom project any time. Wayne will work within the budget of his client and still deliver spectacular results.

All quotes from Fuller Airbrush include prep, artwork, clear, cut and buffing unless other details are specified. When you are considering custom artwork, go no further than trusting your project with Wayne Fuller Airbrush.

If it will hold paint, Wayne Fuller Airbrush will paint it!


Just to get a taste....

lion blonde
clown lion


Custom Projects

When it comes to custom paint, custom color and that special touch that truely makes your project a "one-of-a-kind", look to the talents of Wayne Fuller.

If you have had an idea, dream or inspiration for a custom project, Wayne will bring that dream to life. Custom painting motorcycles, jackets and canvas is a specialty of Waynes'. Whether its portraits, flames, graphics or airbrushed artwork, he can accomodate you.

Wayne has been putting his talent to good use for over 30 years. His pinstripping and artistic vision can bring "anything that will hold paint", to a new level of customization. 

Wayne's ability to put image to paint is second to none.